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Refreshed and renewed in 2017 this blog is a space that will be filled with life's adventures in our thirties. We share all things that this decade will throw at us! Join us whilst we stumble, trip and laugh through.

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I'm Karis. I have just started a PhD and still wonder how that happened?! 
Journey to doctorate is tough and this blog is a much-needed place for non-academic writing I should be writing a systematic review instead of this. Don't worry, I will try to avoid using words like ANOVA, multiple regression and Bayes factor *cue eyes crossed & cheeks puffed face* You'll find most of my posts on the Study page.

When I'm not in the mood to think about, stress about and rewrite, edit and cry about my thesis, I'll be here, writing. Luckily I love to write, academically or non-academically it's all practice, right?!

This space for me is... LIFE to PhD completion which will include posts about adventure, family, study and food.

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An honest feed on motherhood, my weight-loss journey and everything else. To be honest, I'm winging it, everything - does anyone actually know what they are doing?

I'm Sharlene, Mother to Johnny-Ray and wifey to Dinos. I'm originally from Norfolk but now reside in Twickenham. Before I entered the world of motherhood I worked as a project and staffing manager in marketing. Now currently on maternity blagging my way through everyday life, documenting it along the way.

Parenting is hard, there's no manual, it's all trial and error! When my baby came into the world on 1st Nov 2016 it changed my life forever. I was never the type of women that longed to be a mother, nor did feel I had a motherly instinct. I was never broody and could never imagine myself a mum, now that I am I can't imagine life without him, he is my whole world. Hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me, makes me wonder why I waited this long to have a child (I'm 31!)

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We've all got one and so has this blog!

We used to be called Practical Ever After and that's because way back in 2013 we wanted to document our journey down the aisle. We got married a month apart and planned everything together including hanging out at events and meeting amazing suppliers. It was fun and unlike that film Bride Wars we weren't rivals but we were and have been best friends forever! So you'll find some wedding history floating around here.


Some people have said some pretty nice things about us. Thanks, guys! 
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"This week we chat to 2 blogging brides to be, Karis and Sharlene about plans for each of their special days and also how they found their perfect wedding photographer.""If you need honest dress advice, down-to-earth beauty chats, or just fancy a damn good read, visiting Practical Ever After will calm any bridal woes. So grab yourself a cuppa, and log on to practicaleverafter.co.uk.""...they are honest, open & funny & it is hugely refreshing to read about the trials & tribulations they have encountered during this process...There’s also handy hints and tips a plenty for all you fellow Brides-to-be out there who might be in need of some moral support!"

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  1. Hi guys! I am loving the blog and I was wandering if you would let me be a guest of yours! Please contact me at roxana.f.oliver@gmail.com so we can talk more :D I couldn't find your email address here for some reason (ooooh so secretive :D)