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December 03, 2017
Family life is busy and sometimes can border on hectic. If you’re anything like us the odd jobs around the house, taking the dog to get groomed, or planning the 8-year-old’s birthday cake bake can sometimes seem a little too much. When do you have time to fit it all in? And more to the point, who has the time to research the best person for the job?

Well, you don’t have to spend another minute trawling the web or asking Facebook friends for recommendations because Bidvine could just be your saving grace. This handy website is like the good old yellow pages. Simply type in what you’re looking for and it links you up with local businesses offering exactly what you want. I came across this website when looking for local mobile dog groomers because I just didn’t have the time to a). take the dog out in the car, park up and wait,  b). bath her myself and c). attempting to trim those clippy-clappy claws myself was more hassle than it was worth, she hates it!

So what is Bidvine and how does it work?
By answering a few specific questions about what you’re looking for Bidvine matches you to the right professionals for the job. Let’s take my example of dog grooming, through a few simple clicks I told Bidvine the breed, size, what I expected from my service and most importantly my availability (as you can see from my request below).

Towards the end of the process, you create an account and you’re updated via email about incoming bids. You can opt to provide your telephone number too, which is pretty handy if you’re on the go or are pressed for time. The service is free for you to use, however, the professionals do get charged a small fee when they send you a bid so a little reply is the kind thing to do :) You’re also encouraged to review the service, this way others can enjoy hiring trusted local professionals too!

What amazes me is the sheer amount of services available such as cleaners (Yes, Please!), cupcake bakers to piano tutors. Also, there’s a great section about ‘learning something new’ from self-defence lessons, salsa to painting. Whatever service you’re after, I’m pretty sure Bidvine covers it. The whole process is easy and fast, plus they operate nationally so you’re bound to find what you need! Bonus!

*In collaboration with Bidvine all opinions are my own.

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