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December 10, 2017
Weddings usually have a certain amount of lace. Some use lace as a trim. Others wear dresses with layers of lace. But the wedding trends of today are taking lace to a new level.

The latest trend in lace is the sheer gown, made entirely of lace and designed to barely cover the essentials. The legs, sides, back, and front are sheer. Another option in the new trend is to have a traditional ball gown with lace and fabric to create the traditional look, except for the leg area. The fabric on the front of the gown stops well above the knee and the lace that continues to the floor is sheer, showing the legs. From every angle except directly in front, the gown appears to be a traditional lace ball gown.

This look is not for the modest bride. It might create issues in certain religious ceremonies so it must be considered carefully. However, if you dare to wear it, it is stunning!

White will always dominate the wedding gown industry. But, there are the unique brides who dare to be different. Lace gowns made of shades of grey, gunmetal blue and champagne are very popular this year. A wedding where the bride is dressed in grey or gunmetal blue can select bridesmaids gowns in anything from smokey lavender to black and the wedding will be dazzling.

Dress styles
The ball gown, A-line, and mermaid are all hot for 2017 through 2018. Brides wearing ball gowns or A-lined gowns are using a lot of embellishment. Beadwork, pearls, embroidery, and sequins are giving these traditional gowns the extra sparkle brides want. Brides wearing the mermaid styles are not embellishing so much. However, they are going very heavy on the flare of the dress with lace. The flare stands our much more with modern gowns, with the exception of the mermaid gown that has a train or back hem that trails behind.

We are finding the brides who are going bold with their lace and fabric are opting for a two-piece gown and the top is often corseted style.

This is a 50/50 proposition. Some brides are avoiding the veil and wearing flowers or jewels in their hair. The traditional brides wearing ball gowns and other cuts mentioned are wearing veils with long trains. The bride wearing the see-through lace gowns is wearing a tulle veil with lace trim. This sticks with the theme of the gown but adds a touch of tradition. 

Winter Brides
Winter brides are adding shawls, bridal capes with fur trim, or short fuzzy sweaters with their gowns. Sleeves are absolutely in for this season!

No matter what style, colour, or length gown you choose, lace will be part of the ensemble. Embrace it, and tell your dressmaker what type of dress you are looking for. They will show you options that will surely satisfy your tastes. 

Guest Post by Wendy Dessler
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