Fancy a new sport? The golf attire guide for beginners

December 08, 2017

Did you know that Scotland is considered the home of golf? It makes sense therefore when thinking of golf attire you might just think of wools and tweeds. You’d be right, the original golfing outfit was designed in response to the colder Scottish weather but golf attire has evolved a lot since those early days. Did you also know that golf has strict rules when it comes to dress code? Most golf courses these days require you to dress appropriately for the sport, so if you’re new to golf then we’ve got you covered on some tips to ensure you’re classically dressed and show up to the course in the acceptable attire.

Shirts - A polo shirt is your best and most popular option. Choose a short sleeve and make sure it’s tucked in. Wearing rugby shirts, classic t-shirts, or vests is frowned upon. Regardless of which style you choose, keep it classic by wearing a collar. Ladies, avoid strappy vest top or worse, cropped tops are not cool and you might raise a few eyebrows. Traditional patterns are respectable but bright colours are also acceptable. If you do choose to wear a bright coloured top then team it with neutral coloured shorts or trousers or you run the risk of an ultimate clash. While it might be fun to wear loud and garish prints, golfers take their game pretty seriously. So, it's best to avoid if you don't want to be seen as mocking the sport.

Bottoms - Both shorts and trousers are acceptable. If you choose shorts, they should sit on or just below the knee, a tailored style is the best option. Avoid beach shorts, denim jeans or sportswear. When it comes to trousers opt for chinos and would be handy to have belt loops so you can wear a classic belt, gentleman on the golf course will always make sure his shirt doesn’t untuck when going in for the swing. 

Footwear - If you don’t own any golf shoes then trainers or mock shoes are acceptable, just ensure the soles will not do any damage to the course. Don’t forget to wear a pair of socks, sockless is not cool in the golfing world.

Layering - Now you know what to buy, it might also be worth remembering that golfing is a long game; the average 18-hole game can last about 4 hours if you’re walking it. As British weather is unpredictable, it’s advisable to take some layers with you so you are prepared for all weather conditions. Opt for a zipper vest, thermal pullover or a puffer vest.

Follow these tips and we're sure you'll be classically dressed and ready for a great game. If you’re unsure of where to look or what clothing items are available, we recommend starting with Callaway Golf and we’re pretty sure you won’t go wrong.

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