How to: Style your Christmas tree like a pro

November 12, 2017

Christmas tree decoration gingerbread man

Bonfire night is behind us which means the next big event is winging it’s way to our living rooms soon. CHRISTMAAAAS!!! It’s tradition in our family, and most others I know, come the 1st December the tree goes up. In anticipation of the big day, we’ve put together some top tips AND statement decoration collections to ensure your Christmas tree doesn’t end up a Christmess Tree!

Light it up! It's recommended that approximately 100 lights are used per foot! Can't get enough twinkle! Warm-white will give that candle glow, cosy feel! But you could rock out with multi-colours if that’s your thing [good grief, my mum used to have singing multicoloured lights - it was acceptable in the 80’s!] Just be safe, don’t overload the plug, and if you’re out or in bed unplug the lights.

Be unique and choose statement baubles! Each year we visit the local garden centre and my girls pick out a new decoration, it's becoming a family tradition. It means the decoration box is full of random stuff but each one means something to them and they love the nostalgia it brings. Place the generic baubles closer to the trunk and give those memories pride of place toward the outside.

Classic red

City chic

Every size matters but placement is crucial. Remind the little helpers larger baubles at the bottom and smaller on top. If your tree has multiple coloured baubles begin with one shade, distribute evenly and move onto the next shade. Balance!

The finishing touch has to be a tree skirt. They look fab, add a little magic to the whole festive affair and hide that stand and those wires! There's a good variety available to buy, or if you want to indulge your creative, make one.

monica from friends christmas tree gif

Do your kids help, mine do! Is it even possible to have a stylish tree I hear you asking? Yep, because let them do one half and just like Monica from Friends when they’re in bed spin it 180°! Winning!!

Now that's the tree sorted it's time to think about the gifts to go under it - check out our Christmas gift guide full of great ideas for under £10 each! Bonus!

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