How to create a space themed bedroom for your little astronaut

November 22, 2017

Space is a great theme for a kids bedroom. The universe is full of wonder and it will keep kids fascinated for years. It’s a theme that they won’t grow out of quickly, and let's face it, it’s really cool! Check out some of these real rooms we found on Instagram for inspiration: 

How to create a space themed bedroom for your little astronaut

As you can see, you don’t have to go all out with the rocket-shaped bed or bold galaxy wallpaper to create your space themed bedroom. Using subtle accents and one-off statement pieces work just as well, less is more right? Your little astronaut will be amazed and left in wonder by his outer space room. We’ve put together some tips to get you started.

Colour Scheme
Use midnight blues, whites, greys and silvers for the modern day feel. Starting with a blank canvas means that you can be more adventurous with accessories and those finishing touches. There are some fab wall stickers or decals available and these can really animate or accent the walls. Silver stars on a dark wall are the perfect combo. If you’re feeling creative you could flick some white, blue and purple paint on a dark wall to create your own galaxy feature wall. If you have high ceilings and up for a challenge, paint the ceiling in dark blue and dot some ‘glow in the dark’ white paint for the night's sky panoramic view. Or if dark ceilings aren’t your style then achieve a similar look by using a night sky projector as a guide. Simply dab on the ‘glow-in-the-dark’ paint to a white ceiling so it’s not visible during the day, but by night your space room will come alive!

Choosing the right lighting can really set the mood and there are so many outer space themed lights that will fill your little one with awe. Starry night projection lights give the ultimate space ambience and might just help those heavy eyelids to finally drop. Fairy lights draped across shelves can add a little extra twinkle. While a spaceship or moon themed night light sits perfectly on the nightstand. Round paper shades give the illusion of planets plus they’re super cheap.

{Image credit: Totally-funky}

Home furnishings
Mix up your patterns and textures to make your room more interesting. You don’t want to overkill the space theme with having the same print curtains, bed covers and rug. Opt for a textured rug to add depth to the room and use plain coloured bed covers, you can always jazz it up with themed cushions. Curtains should be for practicality first, then decoration second. Try a subtle print or metallic accents to stay within the theme.

When it comes to furniture, you don’t need to turn them into space props. You certainly don’t need to spend a fortune on a rocket shaped cupboard. Think about the materials instead. For instance, a metal framed bed will work better instead of a wooden frame adding a futuristic vibe. You can find some awesome kids metal beds with a variety of styles* and at great prices! If you’re thinking of incorporating a space shuttle theme then metal wall shelves will look amazing paired with a kids metal bed.

Finishing touches
There are loads of fun items you can purchase to tie up the room nicely. A fun and creative way to finish up the room is by making use of framed art. You can find some reasonably priced themed printables on the internet or if you have some space-themed wrapping paper, frame it! Planet and rocket garlands are a nice touch, if you can’t find any make some with your little one, they will love it even more! Fun cushions will look great on the bed or arranged nicely in a corner, creating an inviting reading nook. Space themed toys are the ‘icing on the cake’ - they will look great in the room and your kid will have hours of fun!

space theme toys for kids room

Special thanks to the IG community @marjorie_minnie, @blu_bobbin, @mama_alien and @robins_cottage_camelsdale who shared their wonderful creations with us! Share your creations with us on IG @soyourethirty by tagging #WingingAdulthood

*In collaboration with Childrens bed shop

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