5 steps to the cosiest bedroom yet

November 20, 2017
If you’re looking to make some changes in the bedroom department, we’ve put together five tips to ensure your boudoir is the cosiest place in the house!

Soft furnishings and fabrics
Scatter cushions and throws are essential for creating a cosy room and you can never have enough. I’m still trying to convince my husband of this as he moans at the number of cushions we have to take off the bed just to get into it! But it makes the bed look so inviting that you just want to dive straight in and snuggle up. Add different textures to create a sense of depth and neutral colours for that hotel luxe feel. For the extra cosy atmosphere, add a knit throw to the foot of the bed.

cosy grey bed with black and white cushion and fluffy throw

Soft lighting
Soft lighting enhances a cosy atmosphere and entices you to relax, a bedside lamp is more inviting than the harsh main light. Although, having a dimmer switch gives you the best of both worlds. Hang a statement piece lampshade and you can use the full lighting for practical purposes and then dim the light when you just want to slumber.

Plants make any room feel homely and lived in. The great thing is that they can last all year round, and if you get yourself some low maintenance plants such as succulents or a rubber plant, then zero effort is needed. We prefer real plants but if you want to go ultra low maintenance and still add a touch of greenery, there are some great fake plants out there too.

plants and tall windows in bedroom which is light and bright

Good bed and bedding
I’ve always said a good quality bed is the best investment money can buy. You can’t put a price on sleep. And as you use your bed every single night, it’s so worth spending a bit of cash for a decent night sleep. Don’t forget about the headboard, a tufted headboard can ramp up the cosy. Equally a plain headboard can be the perfect backdrop for those extra pillows and cushions.

Bedding is just as important as the bed, a short time ago I was gifted some great quality bedding from a family member and I haven't looked back since!. Use high-quality fabrics with a high thread count - you won’t be disappointed and it will make you feel like you are staying in luxurious 5* hotel. Also, opt for a down or feathered quilt (if your allergies will let you) with a high tog count, instant cosiness and luxury in your own home!

cosy grey bedroom with a dotty mug

Maximising space
If like me, your bedrooms are quite small then maximising the space make it feel less cramped and adds a touch of comfort and relaxation. Built-in storage is a great way of maximising the space, plus ottoman or divan beds can hide a multitude of clutter. End of the bed ottomans are a great storage solution and can add that extra boutique style luxury. Another great way to save space is downsizing your bed or bed frame. You could get a good small double divan bed with mattress and headboard* and probably save a few inches too. A small double bed works great in the guest/spare room, it’s big enough for two people, the perfect size for the solo sleeper, and really maximises the space leaving you with a cosy, snug feel.

*In collaboration with The Sleep station

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