Outdoor living: Make the most of your garden this winter

October 13, 2017
We have an open door policy in our house, and my husband loves to play host. We invite friends and family round on a regular occurrence as it beats going out spending money, arranging a babysitter and getting ready! You just can't top a good BBQ with good company, in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to stop the garden gatherings just because summer is over, here are our top tips on making the most of your garden this winter!

eating outside with friends bbq winter drinks

Invest in a great BBQ set up
BBQ's should not be thought of as a seasonal affair, these babies can be used all year round. And let's face it, food always tastes better when cooked on the outside grill. My husband is Greek, so we have BBQ's all the time, no matter what the weather is like, including snow (yep, true story, he's been out lighting those coals in the freezing temps!). We have a traditional coal BBQ for grilling sausages, burgers and corn, but we also have a Greek rotary BBQ for chicken, pork and lamb for some tasty souvla. BBQ’s are so seasonal friendly these days, plus there are so many utensils making scrubbing down the grill less of a chore.

Prepare for cover
Has it ever been possible to rely on the good old British weather? Sod's law states, if you have arranged a BBQ then it is bound to rain, even if that weather-person has predicted a hosepipe ban! Gazebos are the perfect way to take cover and shelter from the downpour or if you're lucky enough, the scorching sun. Either way, the upshot is their affordability. There's an array of options to choose from, awnings, parasols to more permanent wooden structures.

Keeping warm 
Fire pits, patio heaters, heat lamps - you name it and it's available to purchase. There is nothing more relaxing than snuggling under a poncho or blanket, sipping red wine and listening to the crackle of the fire logs while the stars (or aeroplanes which I try to pretend are shooting-stars) are twinkling above. Autumn is the perfect time of year to get the firepit lit. The nights are drawing in, and it's not bitterly cold yet, go on toast those marshmallows!

toasting marshmallows

Add a touch of cosy
If you like entertaining, then a good set of garden furniture will be money well spent. Cushioned furniture and warm blankets are suitable for the outdoors and are the perfect way to cosy up. The invitation of a comfy garden may want to make you use your garden more! Add some snuggly blankets and while away the hours with good food, drink and friends.

Indulge in warm drinks
Speaking of good drinks, it doesn’t have to be rich reds or warming whiskey that you sip on. Indulge in hot chocolates, mochas or a good old cup of tea. We say whatever you do, make it special, there’s something nostalgic and a little bit festive about the steam from a warm drink. Go luxury!

tartan blanket and hot chocolate

Create a little atmosphere with outdoor lighting
Add a touch of magic and charm to the garden with a little bit of outdoor lighting. You don't have to go crazy, even a simple garden candle and some fairy lights immediately set the scene! Get creative and carve some pumpkins, there are lots of wonderful designs, who says they have to be spooky?! Solar powered lights are the best for outdoors, ours have a twinkle or steady setting, plus they are really handy when you decide to enjoy the outdoors on a camping trip away.

outdoor lighting ideas for garden

If you want to get kitted out for garden entertaining then check out garden camping website. They've got you covered for comfy garden furniture, shelter and gazebos of all sizes, BBQs and even outdoor hot tubs if you want to go all out!

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Top tips to enjoy your garden this winter

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