Halloween: Pumpkin recipes

October 31, 2017
pumpkin soup in bowl
Happy Halloween everyone! I've actually made a little effort this year, I've bought some sweets for the trick or treaters, I bought a pumpkin and actually carved it, and instead of throwing away the guts, I made a lovely pumpkin soup and some toasted seeds! I'm feeling a little smug right now as I am usually one of those people that turn off the lights and pretend we are not home because I always leave it to the last minute and forget to pick up any treats! And I never get round to carving my pumpkin, it just sits in my fruit bowl until it's ready to throw out! Not sure if it's because I'm a mother now, but I'm getting into the spirit of Halloween this year and feeling festive.


Here are our quick and easy recipes to make roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin soup
  • Firstly I separated the seeds from the pumpkin guts and washed them under the tap
  • Then I melted some butter in a bowl and mixed in the pumpkin seeds
  • lay on a tray and roast in the oven on 200degrees for around 15-20min (until golden and crispy)
roasted pumpkin seeds

  • In a large stewing dish roughly chop some onion, carrot, garlic and sweet potato
  • Add in your pumpkin guts and pour in some chicken stock with some dried parsley (It doesn't matter if you leave a few seeds in the mix, they will soften when you boil)
  • bring to a boil then turning the heat down and simmer for around 30min with the lid on (or until soft)
  • When its ready blend until smooth 
  • Add salt and pepper to serve


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