Top tips: How to style curly hair

September 14, 2017
woman with long soft curls in her hair

I have had curly hair all my life and I’ve always struggled to keep it in good condition and frizz free.
I did a lot of damage to my hair in my teens by bleaching, DIY hair dies, surplus amounts of hairspray, and constant use of hair straighteners. To be honest, its only been the last couple of years that I’ve learnt to fully embrace my curls and look after my hair. I often get compliments on my hair so I’m sharing with you my top tips on how to style curly hair.

1. A good shampoo and conditioner
This is important. I use Alterna Caviar anti-ageing shampoo and conditioner. It replenishes moisture and because it is sulphate-free it protects from the sun, ageing and everyday styling damages. You only need the smallest amount and by adding water to your hair it will make it lather up. It’s good for coloured and dry hair, and because curly hair is always a lot dryer than straight hair, you need to opt for a shampoo that moisturises. All that aside, one of the main reasons why I love this product so much is because I can leave my hair up to 4 to 5 days without washing.

2. Minimal brushing
I use a TangleTeeze in the shower to brush through my conditioner, then when I'm out of the shower I will use a wide comb to get my parting etc, that's it! if you brush through with a normal brush then you break up your natural curls which makes your hair frizz.

3. Use a T-Shirt to damp dry
I find that if I damp dry my hair with a towel it breaks up the molecules and the natural curls in your hair, and like a normal hair brush, it will frizz your hair. I use an old T-shirt when I get out of the shower and scrunch from the bottom upwards. You will find your curls will form so much better.

4. Hair products
Whatever you use, try to eliminate applying to your roots, this will help prevent your hair becoming greasy. I always use a heat defence spray, and usually a frizz-ease spray as well and then finish off with a styling product. At the moment I'm using sea salt spray (I like the beachy tousled look).

5. Dry with a diffuser on a low heat
My curls are at their best when dried naturally, but as my hair is so thick it takes forever to dry, I have to use a hairdryer. I always use a low heat and turn it to cold for the last couple of minutes. I find if I put too much heat on my hair then it tends to frizz. I will never 100% dry it completely, I always dry it to about 85% then let the last little bit of dampness dry naturally. There's no science behind this, I just think my curls have a better bounce when I do this.

four tips for styling curly hair

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