Slimming World - Spicy pasta bake recipe

August 10, 2017
Slimming World - Spicy pasta bake recipe
This has to be one of my quick and easy 'go to' dishes when we're running out of food and need to do a shop, or simply when I just can't be bothered to cook, as it's so easy to make and minimal effort.

Bacon (fat removed)
chopped tomatoes
dried chilli flakes
chicken stock
Cheese (HEX) 

Syn free using healthy extra cheese

Spicy pasta bake

How to make:
- Spray some fry-light into a pan and add your chopped broccoli, courgette and bacon (remove fat of bacon) until cooked
- Add a can of chopped tomatoes, pinch of chilli fakes (more if you like it spicy) and tbsp of paprika powder. Give it a good stir
- Add 200ml of chicken stock, season with salt and pepper and let it simmer
- Meanwhile, cook your pasta in a saucepan until cooked (around 10min) then drain and stir it into your sauce mix
- transport into a large dish and sprinkle your cheese over the top
- place into a hot oven until cheese has melted and slightly crisp on the edges
This meal goes a long way and you can use any ingredients you have in the fridge. I have made this before with mushroom, peppers, sausages - literally works with most 'slimming world' friendly foods.

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