What is a Gratitude Diary?

August 22, 2017

The gratitude diaries are a collection of posts which focus on positivity. Every day might not be good but there is good to be found in every day, right?!

what research says:

Gratitude journals and their benefits have sparked a growing body of literature especially in the realm of positive psychology.  Researchers such as Dr Emmons and colleagues have looked into the psychological benefits gained from keeping a gratitude journal. Writing down a list of positive events and why they make you happy can, apparently, reduce perceived stress levels, and enhance feelings of optimism, life satisfaction and of course gratitude. Well, I think we could all do with a little of that in our lives huh? Still, don't take my word for it, there are many more reported benefits, so if you're interested in the science behind it, you could start here.

what you'll read:

Well, as this is a new series, there are no hard and fast rules about the content of the posts. But, I would like to think that you'll be reading about a mixture of inspiration and positivity. Plus have access to useful resources. 

What are you grateful for today?

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