Gratitude Diaries: depth over breadth

August 28, 2017
at the table with friends and enjoying friendship

Did you know that there are many benefits to keeping a gratitude journal? We've introduced some of them over here [Introducing the gratitude diaries]. Today, I'm sharing one of the things I'm found myself grateful for this week. Hold on, why only one thing? Well, according to the research, going into detail about a specific sentiment of gratitude carries more benefit than simply listing many, Who knew?!
This week, I have spent some lovely days and evenings with some of my closest friends. Enjoying the late summer evenings without a care in the world. Life can get really hectic sometimes and we can be guilty of going about our daily life without making time for those we hold most closely. 

I'm grateful for the different friends I have, valuing their company and their input. Each of them has a special place in my life and I wouldn't be me without them. One thing I'm being more mindful of is letting people know what I think, complimenting them and letting them know their importance in this life. I've always wondered why we wait until it's too late to express how we truly feel?!


How about you?
What have you been grateful for this week?
Try a little depth over breadth 

SIDE NOTE: Sometimes some friendships or relationships can cause us hurt, makes us sad or just feel like crap. We recently posted about ways to overcome and manage this type of negativity

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