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July 22, 2017

We love love love a family camping holiday and pretty much adventure at any available school holiday, or long weekend. We’ve collected various tips and tricks along the way, I thought I’d share with you, our 3 luxury camping items, you should be packing!

There is nothing more satisfying than a real coffee in the morning. The dew on the grass, the sun rising over the horizon and there you are, sipping an espresso, contemplating the adventure filled day ahead of you. Grownup Heaven!

stovetop coffee

Solar powered Fairy Lights
I’ve always loved those tents that were all lit up, twinkling away as dusk falls. The soft fairy light glow adds a bit of romance and practically right? Firstly, spotting your tent when stumbling back from the toilet is so much easier, beer in hand or not. Secondly, wrapping them around the guy ropes so the children don’t trip over, or attempt to slice their eyebrow hair walking into them, has got to be a welcomed tear avoiding bonus. Thirdly, they light up the inside of the tent enough in the evening and no batteries required. Camping with the family is fun, children find so much wonder and magic camping under the stars, so why not add a little extra magical touch.

foam mats blue and yellow

Big Foam Mats
These are perfect for camping, ok not practical for the wild camper in you but, perfect nevertheless, they are a must! We place these in our bedrooms. Having given up on crappy airbeds we invested in so decent roll mats, so warmth isn't a real issue, but have you slept on a roll mat before? They are so narrow. The foam mats add extra insulation and add that much needed extra comfort under foot and body.

What’s you must have camping item?

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