Daily routine for an 8 month old baby

July 27, 2017
baby feet held by parents hand
I google this a lot as I'm interested to know if my baby eats and sleeps enough. Sometimes you just need that reassurance that you are doing right by your baby. All babies vary and if your baby seems happy and is putting on weight then you are doing something right!

My boy is 8 and a half months now and he's been following this routine for the last 2 months.

7.00am wake-up
7.30am 6oz bottle
9.00am Breakfast (small pieces of fruit and baby porridge)
9.30am Nap time (usually sleeps till around 11/11.30am)
12.00pm 6oz bottle
2.00pm Lunch (baby biscuit, cauliflower cheese and a yogurt)
3.00pm Nap time (wakes up around 4pm)
4.00pm 6oz bottle
5.30pm Dinner (chicken, sweet potato and carrots - blended fruit for dessert)
6.30pm Bath time
7.00pm 6oz bottle and bedtime

I'm not strict with this routine, if my baby wants to sleep longer for a nap then I will not wake him, and sometimes this means he has a late lunch. Sometimes he doesn't go down for his afternoon nap till around 4pm, which means he isn't ready to go to bed for 7pm and it's usually around 9pm. But most days we stick to this routine and it seems to work well for us.


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