Pulsin the new look | perfect protein powder for my low-carb diet

June 21, 2017

British-based nutritional snack brand Pulsin, has gone through a major rebrand in celebration of their 10th anniversary, and they kindly sent some products so we could see the results for ourselves.

Pulsin protein powder and snack bars

Well, they have hit the nail on the head! If you've used protein powders before, you'll know that the packaging is usually pretty bland. But, Pulsin, have moved away from this and I know it sounds odd to say, but the new look shouts more health food than bulk building protein powder {for serious fitness fanatics only}. I like it!

Moving on from the packaging lets talk about the product.

Can I start with, I'm so fricking happy to have found this company and will absolutely be purchasing more stuff from them. As you may have read, I have a low-carb eating lifestyle, I also like to workout with strength training a big focus, so any chance for added protein is needed. I really don't want to eat another chicken breast! 

The 10g serving of the Premium Whey Protein has 9.3g of protein and 0.3g of carbs!!! Amazing! It is also gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. This powder is flavourless, and at the moment I've been adding to natural yoghurt and once mixed well, you can't notice it's there.

Have a look at their website www.pulsin.co.uk because they literally have something for everyone!
Yep, vegan, dairy-free, organic, soya-free and paleo friendly products. You'll find all the nutritional info you need there.

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