Best and worst items for expectant parents

May 29, 2017

Despite the obvious items you need for a baby, it is so overwhelming with the amount of baby products and items out there now and as a first time parent you don't quite know what you will use and what is just a gimmick. There is absolutely EVERYTHING for everything! I was once googled 'useful baby products' and wet wipe warmers came up (yes you heard me - wtf?!). Anyway, I purchased some items I thought I would use and some I swear by and others I thought was a waste of money.

Worst Items I purchased

1. Moses basket
My baby was in a moses basket maybe for the first month.....thats it! We had the cot upstairs in our room where he slept at night and used the moses downstairs for when he was napping during the day. But he use to sleep in a sleepyhead in his cot at night time so soon realised it was just easier and better to transport the sleepyhead downstairs during the day on the sofa. My baby just slept so much better in the sleepyhead. You don't need the moses to bring baby home from hospital either (which initially what I thought) as you have the car seat.

2. Hooded towels
USELESS.....need I say more! you are so much better off just using a normal size towel. Hooded baby towels are so much thinner and crap quality, and the hood is just awkward. Lifting a wet slippery baby out of the bath is a task in it self, let alone lining up a bloody towel so the hood can go over the babies head! it's pointless, just wrap them up in one of your own fluffy towels!

3. Nappy dispense unit
At first I thought these were amazing, it disguised the smell, it was clean and very easy to use......until you need to change the liners......and remortgage your house to buy new liners!! seriously guys, the liners are so bloody expensive, it's like razors - its cheaper to buy a new razor than it is to buy new heads for it!! Well I think the dispense unit is cheaper than the liners, and I tried buying cheaper ones on ebay and they were just rubbish quality. It's a bit awkward to change the liners once its full, and my bin always use to get full before the liners ran out. You are so much better off buying napping bags and putting them in your ordinary bin.

4. Baby bath
I used my baby bath once then I reverted to a baby seat and bathed the baby in the bath. Using a baby bath I found awkward because you still need to hold the baby to make sure they don't slip under the water. Using a seat in the bath frees up both hands so you can wash them easier. You can buy separate cradles to fix over a baby bath but then that's ANOTHER product you have to purchase and they are a pain to store if you have a small house. I found a bath seat so much easier, I used the angelcare seat and was perfect for new borns. My baby is now 6 and a half months and I have just stopped using it as he is now sitting up.

5. Gro egg
I brought this after a friend recommended it to me but didn't need it at all as I soon found out my baby monitor had the room temperature on it. I also had a baby light that also told me the temp of the room. There are so many products out there that has a thermometer you don't need a separate product for this.

The best Items I purchased

1. Breastfeeding pillow
Breastfeeding for me was so hard at the beginning, my baby struggled to latch and found it hard to get comfortable and get baby in a good position. My breastfeeding pillow was a god send, to breastfeed and bottle feed. It was comfortable and so much easier to feed on. My pillow just wrapped around me and all I needed to do was lay baby on top of it and I was in perfect position.

2. Ewan the sheep
A friend brought me one of these for my baby shower and used it from day one and he still sleeps with him 6 months on. It's a soft sheep that can play white noise or a soft lullaby with a red light that softly shines through. Nearly all babies soothes with white noise and Ewan is particularly great from birth as it plays womb like sounds so it comforts the baby. These are great and really worked for my baby.

3. Muslins
My mum stocked me up on these before baby was born. At first I thought what was I going to use these for?! well turns out, they were used for pretty much everything. For burping and wiping the mouth, baby sick, comforter, shading baby from the sun, covering baby from the light (he loved it over his face!) Literally the best invention, they are so handy!

4. Isafix
These are a game changer! so much easier to transport baby from car to house with zero faff! You don't need to worry if baby is strapped in correctly - seriously worth their weight in gold.

5. Growbag
Again a great invention. My baby has always been a wriggler and no matter how tight I tucked him in at night with a blanket, he would always managed to kick it off! Growbag is basically a sleeping bag for babies so they are zipped in so will never be coverless. My baby still goes in one every night.


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