3 things that get me through the tough times!

May 07, 2017

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The last two weeks have been a challenge, sometimes it feels like this PhD is the hardest thing I've ever done. It sits up there with sleepless nights with a newborn screaming the house down. It sits up there with signing on the dotted line when my youngest had surgery. It sits up there with well every other fricking hard challenge I've overcome. But as with anything, small steps make progress right?!

Three things that help

Realising what was preventing progress:
I found myself in a rut and couldn't make a decision when selecting articles for the systematic review. I needed feedback and guidance. A lot of the time I struggle through telling myself and everyone else that everything is just fine. This doesn't apply to just PhD life. I did find when I started sharing my problems people were there ready and wanting to help. And, it did help!

Talking about worries and acting on them:
When your 5-year old says "Mummy, I wish someone would take all the bads bit out of my head and leave the good bits in" it's crushing. Stroking her head as she lay in bed, I promised her we'll make it all better again. I acted pretty quickly and she has since started CBT at school to help her deal with the car accident. It made me feel really sad to see her tormented with bad thoughts, dreams and behaviour, and that E.T. connection we have left me feeling so very flat. It was hard to shake it off.

Listening to music:
Some days I forget to do this and especially when I'm feeling a bit low about shit I can't control. But, actually sticking on some tunes, especially old school 80's and 90's pop is goooood for the soul!!

Just to say though, if you're reading this and are feeling pretty shiity, please talk to someone about it. There are always people willing to listen. Small steps

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