Top 3 things to do in Edinburgh

April 08, 2017
Top 3 things to do in Edinburgh | Travel Guide

Late March we headed to Edinburgh for a little family getaway at the beginning of the Easter holidays. Having not visited this city since I was thirteen, I wasn't sure how to make the most of our two days there. But after a little research and a successful trip, I can share with you what I think are the top things to do and see in Edinburgh. 

We managed to jam in extra things while on our trip to Edinburgh, I'm currently writing up the full trip which includes where to eat, places to visit if you're a Harry Potter fan, and must do challenges if you hate confined spaces and get vertigo!

[1] Head straight to Camera Obscura.

We arrived at 9 am, day one.

Being so early meant that we practically had the place to ourselves. The experience begins with a 360 tour of the city. The storytelling by our guide was sogood, informative and entertaining. My children were completely engaged with every word as was I. 
Many areas of the city were highlighted and the history of the buildings and landmarks were shared.

You then get until closing time, including the ability to leave and return to explore the crazy and belly laughing illusions within the building. I think my husband and I had more fun than the children. So, if reading this and are 
travelling child free please don't it's not for you, it's totally worth it! If anything,  you can head out into the city with a sense of knowing what the city has to offer.

[2] The Real Mary King's Close

If you want to immerse yourself in the history of the city this is well worth the time and money. A social history atmospheric experience. The storytelling by the guide was great, engaging and interesting. We learnt a thing or two and the children enjoyed the experience too. The tour lasts one hour and it's pitched perfectly.

[3] Climb Arthur's Seat

There are easier climbs and tricky climbs but I estimate it's a steady 40mins walk to the top. Unless you're with your 70-year-old dad then it might take 2 hours! But he made it #champion
The views are stunning and the city is laid out before you. I really wanted to watch the sunset and next time I visit I will so long as the cloud stays away. 

Top tips:

  1. The school holidays have different timings up north, and the Easter holidays always change. We booked our hotel early, and I'm convinced we were ahead of the hotels knowing it was half term for the south of England as we managed to grab a bargain of £188 for two nights with breakfast for a family of four. 
  2. Having managed rates for a hotel group in a previous job I can tell you Sunday's are always good for a low rate! 
  3. Wear good shoes! We were really lucky with the weather and spent two days outside. 25,000 steps and 108 floors climbed in one day.

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