Travel Tips: Make going away with baby easier

We have just got back from a lovely weekend away in Essex celebrating our friends' wedding and it was the first (proper) weekend we had away from home with the little man (he's now 4 and a half months old). Visiting my parents in Norfolk for the weekend doesn't count as my Mum has most items at her house for little people, including a Cot, steriliser, bouncer, and a massive toy room - we travel light when we visit (seriously all I bring is his clothes and his pram - bliss!).
This weekend just gone, we were in Braintree for a friends wedding and we stayed in a no thrills hotel - Premier Inn. They provided a travel cot for us, but that was it. I want to share with you some of the items that I found useful while we stayed away from home:

1. Tommee Tippee travel bottle warmer
This was amazing and came in so handy. My little man is breastfed and bottle fed, I tend to give him bottles when we are out and about - and this bottle warmer made meal time so convenient. I filled the flask up in the morning with boiling water, and it stayed hot all day! When you are ready to feed, pour some of the hot water into to plastic lid that covers the flask, and put your bottle into heat. I used this at the wedding and it also came in handy when we went for a pub lunch the next day, and on the journey home.

2. Disposable changing mats
These are so handy to keep in your car, and a couple in your nappy bag. I use the mamia ones from Aldi and they are so soft and well padded, but any major supermarket sells disposables. public changing stations are not always the most hygienic so I use these when I am out and about. My nappy bag comes with a fold away changing mat but it's not very padded, or wipe-able!
The disposables come in very handy when your baby does an explosive poo and you have nowhere to change him other than the back seat of your car (this happened to us!).

3. Sterilising tablets
I used the ones from Tesco's and were great for your bottles and dummies. I just filled the sink in the bathroom up with water and added one of the tablets - soaked my bottles and dummies for 15 minutes and hey presto, all sterilised.

4. Anti-bacterial wipes (baby safe)
These are great to keep in your bag if you want to give something a quick freshen up. My little one is forever dropping toys and dummies on the floor - these wipes are great to give anything a quick wipe over when you are out - I use the ones by Milton - completely baby safe!

5. Manual breast pump
As mentioned, I mix feed my baby but when I am out and about I do tend to bottle feed. With that said my breasts need pumping in the evening or they will become very uncomfortable. I usually use the Avent electric pump but when I am away from home I will use the manual pump. It's light weight and very easy to use (and quiet).

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