Lifestyle changes: Low-carb eating

February 26, 2017
Lifestyle changes: Low-carb eating Atkins 20 diet

We are two weeks into the Atkins 20.

Before you read on, if you are considering this lifestyle change you won't find anything other than my experience of the first two weeks, changes need to be considered and well thought out, so read up


Two weeks in = end of induction phase, what a tough couple of weeks!

During induction, only 20g of carbs a day are allowed and apparently, this begins the switch to ketosis.

I was surprised at how much I craved sugar during this phase. I didn't have a sugary diet before. It's always been pretty healthy-ish. Mostly, lots of lean meats, fish, nuts, fruit and vegetables and, let's be honest bread and pasta!

But the change to seriously low carb had me craving sugar like an ant!

So, I am pleased to say it's over and I can gradually start introducing carbs again, like fruit, I've missed fruit soo much!

Have there been any changes? Y E S !

- My energy levels have been consistent, no peaks or troughs. That 2pm crash that I've regularly had since pregnancy 8 years ago, gone. I get through my day, all of it, without wanting to hide out under my duvet!

- I've lost 4.5lbs. It could be water weight however, in the last week it's been gradual like 0.2lb - 0.5lb a day, even after exercising daily, with weights. It would seem switching my nutrition has got my body through that plateau it's been experiencing for the past 6 weeks.

- My skin went really oily, and I had a break out on my cheeks during week 1 but 2 days later it settled, and I went to work foundation free, my skin has been less dry and quite balanced.

- Previously, after being in meetings & lectures all day I'd leave for home, the gas would have built in my stomach and I'd be so bloated, Haven't had that problem!

Now we move to P H A S E   O N E,  I'll update soon!

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