My baby bump in pictures

December 14, 2016

Looking back on these photo's, it has made me actually miss being pregnant. I had a good pregnancy and apart from the sleepless nights I really enjoyed it. I guess that's natures way of gearing you up for what it's going to be like for the next few years!!

I'm so glad I took these pictures, I didn't really notice my bump gradually getting bigger over time, for me it was like I went from nothing to a massive bump over night, but these pictures clearly see my little bubba growing nicely. 

11 weeks pregnant - my first bump selfie. I was so proud...but I kinda just look bloated and in need of a number 2!

21 weeks pregnant - This was when I first started to look pregnant. This was when I started to wear maternity wear and showing off the proud bump. 

24 weeks pregnant

27 weeks pregnant

31 weeks pregnant 

33 weeks pregnant - pretty much spent the whole summer in this dress! (Also had it in blue and black&white striped) Mothercare

36 weeks pregnant - I was so uncomfortable with my size at this point, and it was awkward to lay down in bed at night.

37 weeks pregnant - this was taken 4 days before I went into labour and the last pregnant picture of me.


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