Round up: November

November 30, 2016

Well, I'm through month two. Hoorah!!

I'm learning that the PhD journey is one big roller coaster, up and down. I'm sure that there are a few loops too as some days, I have no idea which direction I'm going!

W1:  Awkward Skype Meetings
One thing I am not good at is Skype and that's even with people I know, let alone people I don't. I had a conference meeting lined up with 3 other researchers and I made it through feeling like a complete tool! I'm pretty sure I didn't pick my nose or sit there, mouth open, breathing like Darth Vader's cousin, thank goodness! The only upshot, and I mean only or this experience was the opportunity to network.

W2: First assignment deadline
I spent most of my time finalising and hoping that I have done enough to pass this module. I'm not usually so down on my abilities but this was a brand new topic and with the added awfulness that was October I'll be surprised if I scrape 50%! Results are due 2nd December, I am crossing everything and will be doing one of two things; celebrating with a glass of wine or drowning my sorrows in a glass of wine. 

W3: Module Two begins 

W4: The crappiest one of the month! 💩
My daughters cast came off at the beginning of the week and she is up and about walking (badly) but walking! The Christmas tree went up at the end of the week, yes it's early but why not!
HOWEVER, the middle of this week was bloody terrible... 

Tuesday AM: Saw a really, really tough 4-hour lecture and by the end of it, none of us could answer the question 1000/200 (there are 13 PHD students in my year)! Talk about cognitive depletion, I was cognitively extinct! 

Tuesday PM: Straight after the lecture I had a meeting, so I practically inhaled a sandwich. We each took turn presenting other people's research findings so the whole team can be up to date with what's happening in our field. Important? Perhaps. Joyful? Certainly not! Later was the standard school run chaos, negotiating with a barely walking 5-year-old. I was trying to make a mad dash for my MRi follow up appointment. I was Stressed!! Really stressed about the outcome. Good news though, no tumours. However, there is a thickening of my sinus canal which could be responsible for the ear pain, but that's a story for another time.

Tuesday PPM: I cried, cried and cried. Full on meltdown in fact. I felt like a complete idiot, this PhD is way too hard. The only cure...chocolate, moping and taking the following day off. 

OFF reading  --  OFF writing  --  OFF thinking

Reflective round ups are great but I'm also going to start writing Next Month Goals, ya know see if things change. I may just start including some other life stuff as it isn't all about 
writing, reading, writing, crying. 

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