Pregnancy chat - 37 weeks and sleep deprived

October 19, 2016

I am 36 +6 weeks pregnant and this is my first child. I'm currently sitting up in bed wide awake because of heartburn and having the constant urge to pee all the time, while trying to figure out how the hell my life will pan out over the next few months.

Me and hubby have been married for almost 2 years (together for 8) and we are about to become parents for the first time, oh and we are currently going through a serious house renovation......crazy?! A single storey extension, new kitchen, bathroom, flooring, re-wiring and plumbing throughout to be precise!

We didn't plan for all of this this to happen at once, but here we are....a baby due in a matter of weeks while currently picking bathroom suites and kitchens. time is of the essence and I'm shitting myself that baby will make an early appearance and will be born in the middle of a construction site! the anxiety of the unknown is real, hence writing this at 4am in the morning while hubby is snoring away next to me.

I am officially a fully fledged pregnant lady, I can no longer see my feet, I can no longer do up my shoe laces, I'm eating rennies like they are going out of fashion, I want to eat everything in sight and my knickers are HUGE! The struggle is real trying to turn over in bed at night, and so awkward to lay down and get comfy (in any position!).

Despite all that though, I have had quite a good pregnancy. Apart from having nausea in the first 3 months, I haven't really experienced any illness throughout.  I have 3 weeks until my due date but technically I'm classed as full term now (from 37 weeks onwards). I have a real fear of my waters breaking or going into labour at a really inappropriate moment, like while I'm driving or when I'm in the supermarket shopping. At the same time though I don't want to spend the next 3 weeks house bound because I already feel like I have cabin fever. The next 3 weeks will be interesting, despite so much going on in the house we have managed to decorate the nursery room and get the cot up in our room, I have my hospital bag packed and I'm ready for this life changing moment, ready as I'll ever be!


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