Round up: October

October 31, 2016

October what a crazy month!

The weeks are rolling quickly and this time of my life is one I want to savour. I've been told to work hard and enjoy it as for the next 3 years I get to research a passion while getting paid to do it!

To keep track here is month one round up:
It was pretty stressful this month, and loads of shit has happened, some good stuff too but it's been a tough one!

I received an email that would change the course of life on October 4th! I handed in my notice and had a week of tying up loose ends

I enrolled at the University, which came with a heap of paperwork, emails, and reading. I got my assignment brief this week too! 2x 2000 words (not too bad) on the theories of the firm (what the f*#k!!) and the divide between quantitative and qualitative research.
I went out with my new team for lunch. Gordon bennet I am so socially awkward around new people, especially lots of new people. In fact, I say new, that's a lie, I've known these guys (bar two) about six months. I guess it all felt new because I was in a new position, feeling way out of my depth.
I attended my first lecture, began reading and had a little cry, mainly thinking

Well, this week was shitty, my youngest daughter was hit by a car on the way home from school. She is ok now, but it was an awful experience and happened so quickly. I saw that she wasn't going to stop, I reached out and pulled her back, it made her turn almost 180. I wasn't quick enough, and she hit the side of the car. She broke her tibia and fibula on the left leg. We spent a painful night in the hospital. She was dosed up on morphine and had surgery the morning after. I took a week off of university and research work.

It was my husbands birthday; I had bought him tickets to see a comedy show with the likes of Milton Jones etc.Ph.D., but sadly we had to cancel and instead spent a quiet night in happy that we had both our girls tucked up in bed. This week has changed my perspective on life.
At the end of the week, I had arranged a surprise baby shower for my beautiful best friend. With a little help from her family and friends, we managed to pull off the surprise in a little gastro pub near Kew Gardens. I sourced some delicious cupcakes and confetti balloons.

It was half term! My husband is a secondary school teacher and thankfully was home to take care of the children. Fortunately, this meant I could go to university, hide away and start writing the assignments, I had already missed 5 lectures and was feeling so stressed. But,  I had a word with myself was proactive and got some important stuff done. I met with lecturers, found some resources and started writing. Setting small targets each day.

I was also asked to teach this week, 3rd-year business psychology students. The 3-hour session was on blogging. I didn't feel entirely out of my depth but still it was pretty scary. That said, I survived. YAY!

It was our second year wedding anniversary this week; we stayed home and again just felt thankful that we were together. It was also my eldest daughters birthday. 7 years old! Where has that time gone, it's quite hard to believe how quickly the time flies by, she'll be 10 when I complete PhD! Crazy!

Anyway, we went out breakfast to Jackson Rye and it was so good. The best breakfast I've had out and would highly recommend this restaurant. Later, we took her and a friend out to Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour, London. They absolutely blooming loved every second of it!

October done! What a mixed month, some real ups and downs.

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