Journey to PhD completion: It Starts

October 25, 2016

Each week we (husband, kids, and dog) go for a weekly weekend walk, discussing and problem-solving the present, planning for the future 🍃. October has been a whirlwind month of discussions! 

Let me take you back to late August : I get a message from my principal researcher, there was an opportunity to apply for a fully funded PhD studentship which would start in October, the only catch I had 5 days to write a research proposal. 

Well, I spent a solid weekend doing just that, she reviewed it and then I submitted.

It was then a waiting game...days and weeks ticked by...a whole month and more in fact!
I hadn't heard anything...I was no longer hopeful. 

On 3rd October I received an email informing me that I had been awarded the studentship. I was ecstatic, my world was about to change and I'd just been handed a life-changing golden goodness I think in that moment I knew exactly what Charlie and his Granddad felt like. 

These weekly walks are a great marker for progress, how quickly life can change huh?!

So here I am 2 weeks in with a bitch of an assignment to write and a deadline fast approaching. I'm not one for swearing but seriously this assignment deserves a cuss. 

I have to jump through the hoops of this MRes first before I can start with the nitty gritty research.

But I will get there with dogeared determination because I don't give up easily!

I invite you to follow along while I journey to PhD completion, spending most probably a lot of time feeling way out of my depth.

 It's a long game right?!

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