Have you tried Birch Water yet?

February 23, 2016
We've all heard of the benefits of coconut water and I've certainly used it when making a smoothie or two. But recently I've been hearing that Birch Water is the next best thing so I sought out a supplier, asked a few questions and they offered to send me a sample to try*

Birch Water is not just your average water, it has been filtered through the roots of the Birch tree and enriched with nutrients of that tree and the soil it came from; the most prominent nutrient is Manganese. Traditionally in Eastern and Northern Europe Birch water has been enjoyed for centuries as immune boosting and cleansing drink. TREEVITALISE
I was kindly sent 3 bottles to try, one of each flavour MINT, ORIGINAL, LEMON

Does it taste good?
The original has a weak flavour, a kind of flatness, which sounds strange but if you try it you'll know what I mean. The mint was my favourite, I found it more refreshing and would be my favourite out of the 3. 
I used the MINT birch water as an added supplement in this delicious Go Green Smoothie and it certainly has the edge over water/coconut water for sure. 

What are the benefits?
Well it's said the raw sap contains vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals, antioxidants and micro-nutrients which can promote a variety of health benefits such as strengthening the immune system and lowering cholesterol.

Would you choose it over coconut water?
Yes, every time! For two reasons...TreeVitalise has <10 kcal per 250ml no matter the flavour (less than coconut water) It's a closer taste to water and far less sweet than coconut water. TreeVitalise say that "unlike ordinary flavour water we do not add any artificial flavours or sugars but we simply infuse the sap with organic lemons and organic mint".

What about the trees?
They only take a small share and leave the tree with plenty of revitalising water. The Birch is unharmed and remains healthy. You can read much more about the tapping process and health benefits at TreeVitalise and helpfully they sent me a link to an article about the traditional uses of Birch Water

Next time I'm in a health food store I will certainly be reaching for one of these! 

Have you tried Birch Water yet? Does your skincare product use birch?

*disclaimer: This product was of genuine interest to me and I was sent the product to try in exchange for a review. As always opinions my own and honest.

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