Elemis Musclease Active Body Oil | Review

December 17, 2015

On our 1st year wedding anniversary we pampered ourselves at a beautiful spa in Oxford {read more here}. The therapists gave us an individual consultation after our deep tissue massage. 

During the treatment I felt a lot of triggers, little bumps that popped around. The lady asked if I have noticed these and then told me that they were calcium deposits and that my body was acidic. Apparently, this can be caused by an unhealthy diet {I'm not a saint but I do eat pretty well}, intensive exercise amongst a couple of other things.

There was an element of truth, I was in week 3 of Insanity and my body was fatigued. I do like a good workout and I will push myself and exercise between 3 - 6 times per week {when I'm feeling up to it} and it's for this reason I went through with the suggested purchase.

Elemis Musclease Active Body Oil - RRP £34
{Benefits: Relieves, Stimulates, Soothes}

I love that this product is defined by nature led by science. I use it as part of my fitness lifestyle, I also work at a computer for many hours a day and can on occasion have poor posture which causes my trapezius to burn with an ache. I do often ask Dave to rub this oil into my shoulders and in comparison to another oil it does relive that burn and ache. According to Elemis it's the this synergy of maritime pine, sea buckthorn, sea fennel extracts and rosemary essential oil that help ease muscle pain and stressed joints.

It works!

Karis x


  1. Looks nice :)

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    Maria V.

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by. It's soooo good!


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