When a new skincare routine goes wrong

December 30, 2015
It's a shame that this post is bitter sweet.

Note: this post is cautionary to those of you wanting to dabble with new skincare products. The product mentioned, the brand mentioned is irrelevant really; our skin is unique and my reaction is uncommon and I guess this time I was simply unfortunate. That said this brand make some really good skincare products and I'm gutted that right now I can't rave about it as much as I hoped too!

Sunday, I made a beeline for the Elemis counter in John Lewis. I love their body oil and read so many good reviews about their skincare, I put my trust in the brand, did the research and knew which January special offer pack I wanted to buy. I asked if I could try the products I intended to buy before purchase as I have sensitive skin and I’ll know straight away if it's agreeable. I relaxed into the spa chair and my face was treated to a new cleanse, tone and moisturise routine with an added treatment to reduce redness. I asked questions about the product, brand and philosophy -  if I’m splashing out I want to be educated too.

So with the pack purchased and my face treated I wandered around town a little allowing the feeling to soak in, my skin felt protected, wrapped in a bubble of goodness and pretty damn amazing! Even the husband said he’d noticed a difference in the reduce redness and clarity! I felt pleased as punch. A new skincare brand - my skin loves it - my slight obsession with beauty products loves it – my bank balance not so much but ssshh!

Later that night before bed, I repeated the new routine minus red treatment, minus flash balm but this time applied the sample of oxygenating night mask. I went to bed feeling ok (my skin was aware it had something new on it but it wasn’t screaming take it off)…

…Monday I woke up to this.

I had to call in sick for work as my face was swollen (like a thickened skin), sore, angry and inflamed. I didn’t want to try and cover it with makeup, I just wanted to nurse it better and hide away. I applied Rose hip oil constantly, I know it works for my skin and it began to calm in redness and ease the tightness.

By the evening I looked like this…

I got a fever that evening, Tuesday morning I had worsened with flu like symptoms. I made an emergency appointment to see my GP. I won’t go into to details as there is no proof that the 2 were related but today, thankfully I'm feeling better.

I've been prescribed a 3 day course of oral steroids to help with the reaction and I'm glad to say by that by end of day 2 my skin looks like this.

Lesson learnt! I couldn't have known that I would react so badly. I was already cautious about new products but now I'll be extra extra cautious! I don’t think I’ll complain about having bad skin again.

Would I use Elemis again? Yes!  I love their body oil and my skin did feel so good initially. I do think I reacted to the night mask only so would be willing to try the other products again.

I'd ordered the moisturiser, night mask and sos cream online but called Tuesday morning after my return from the GP and the ordered was recalled. I went into store today and got a full refund. The after care service has been great and truthfully I was a bit sad returning the products because for the first 12 hours on Sunday my skin felt fab!

Ladies or Men if you're in the market for a new skincare product my advice introduce a product one by one so if you do have a reaction you know what caused it!

If it's not broken don't try to fix it.

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