November 17, 2015
Last month a group of us went to the Big Easy in Covent Garden for birthday celebrations. I've been once before on a date with the hubby and loved it, so we decided to head back, and it didn't disappoint.

The Big Easy is a BBQ and lobster shack with loud music, high top tables and an all round American bar feel. The portions are extremely generous and very tasty. I opted for the lobster (no brainer) and it came with a side salad, chips, sauce of choice and a cocktail - all for £20! For lobster in London, with a cocktail, in my opinion is fantastic value for money! City cocktails alone cost around £9 - and I have to say they know how to make a good cocktail. My husband ordered the ribs which equally looked as tasty, smothered in BBQ sauce. He had no complaints. They have a decent menu with lots of choice. Oh and did I mention that the meals come with a bib! Yes you heard me, a bib. Don't worry, everyone seems to embrace it - it's fun and part of the experience.

This place has a great atmosphere. The staff seem friendly and helpful, and no matter how busy it is, the food is always out quicker than expected. If you head down make sure you bring your business card with you, the place is covered in them. 
We went to the restaurant in Covent Garden which opened last year, but they have other Big Easy's on Kings Road and Canary Wharf. If you are in town its definitely worth a visit. They also do a lunch menu and a late night and pre theatre menu starting from £10.

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