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November 20, 2015
Healthy courgette lasagne
Have you tried using courgette instead of pasta?
      I love lasagne but over time I've adapted the ingredients and recipes making different choices when it comes to my health and lifestyle. This is a fav at our family table, my 6 and 4 year old love it and I don't feel too bad going back for a little more.

Quorn mince - you really really should give it try before you knock it, we love it in the Moon house.
Courgette sliced using a regular vegetable peeler.
Bolognese sauce homemade or jar (depending on your effort level)
White sauce - always homemade it goes so much further.

Reduce the carbs with this high protein, yummy light meal.

1.Make up your classic bolognese recipe, just how you like it.
2. After you've sliced the courgette, layer the sauce and courgette lasagne style.
 3. Add a white sauce layer to the top and then a sprinkle of cheese.

Don't want the added calories and fat from the cheese?! Try stuffed courgettes instead.

Karis x

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