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October 27, 2015

Recently Sharlene wrote about her affordable and effective daily skincare routine {read here}

Today I bring you mine.

Background I have struggled for years with body/skin confidence. I had severe eczema growing up, struggled with weakened skin around my mouth which resulted in endless cold-sores, I also have really dark circles which have been there since the young age of 6 and I cannot shift them, believe me I have tried. So at the age of nearly 30 I have finally settled into a facial routine that works wonders and one which I highly recommend if like me you have troublesome, sensitive, combination skin.

1.   Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. It's reduced practically all sensitivity in my skin, it leaves me feeling squeaky clean, it smells divine and works a treat on waterproof eye make-up. {read more}

2.   Clarisonic. This is a dream for my skin. It comes with a hefty price tag £££ but my skin knows when it's been treated with this baby. I usually breakout more when I use this, I'm putting it down to the deep clean. I am a bit lazy when it comes to using it, I forget to charge and therefore don't use it . That said the amount of dirt left on brush is pretty grim so I figure it's a sign of a good clean. I have really noticed a great improvement in skin quality, the furrows in my forehead look less defined and the small bumps on my cheeks are as good as gone.

3.   Trilogy Rosehip Oil. It would seem counter-intuitive to use oil on combination/oily skin but trust me this stuff is freaking awesome especially if like me you tend to have red undertones. {read more}

So my daily skin care routine comes with a price tag but it is worth the investment. To live in skin that I no longer have to hide behind makeup is fabulous.

Karis x

*this post is not sponsored and it's just my opinion

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