The big proposal | A romantic weekend in Rome

October 06, 2015
It feels like a lifetime ago but equally important as our wedding day…..the proposal!

My husband isn’t the most romantic at the best of times but he pulled out all the stops when he asked me to be his wife. It was a romantic weekend that he had planned all by himself, he had the ring, the flights booked, the accommodation booked, and the proposal planned – and I didn’t even have an inkling!

It was a little getaway I didn't know about, and a proposal I didn't expect! All I was told is to pack an overnight bag and to be ready for 7am the next morning. We got up early the next morning and after a short ride on the underground and a train from Victoria we ended up at Gatwick airport. Still completely clueless apart from the obvious that we were about to get on a plane. We checked in via 'self check-in' and our flights popped up on the screen - ROME! OMG...Rome!

My gorgeous fella is whisking me off to Rome for a romantic getaway.

Rome was everything I imagined and is filled with breathtaking views and perfect picture moments! After we checked into our hotel, we headed straight out for the evening. 
So how did he propose? He said he wanted to show me something. He took my hand and we walked for a good 15 minutes until we ended up at the Trevi fountains. Something I have always wanted to see.....and it didn't disappoint! You could here the fountains from afar, and as we walked around the corner we were greeted by pure tranquility and beauty (apart from the masses of tourists taking photos) if you haven't been, I highly recommend! Words just can't describe......It's quite emotional, even before the proposal!

He said he wanted to throw a penny into the water for luck. So we bustled our way to the front of the crowds and threw a penny into the fountain and made a wish! Then he turned to me 'Sharlene........' At that point I knew what was about to happen. I was quite frozen as he reeled off some of the loveliest words he's ever said to me, and finishing off with 'will you marry me?' It really was perfect. He didn’t get down on one knee, which I’m glad he didn’t because there were too many people. He did it discreetly so it was a private moment between us, even though we were surrounded by people. I can still remember the feeling, I was completely on cloud nine! We rang our parents straight after (they were over the moon) then went to a lovely nearby wine bar and celebrated with a bottle of Prosecco. What was really sweet is that he then told me that he didn’t tell anyone that he was proposing and the only person that did know was my Dad because he asked for my hand in marriage.

We were both high with emotions, high on love, and completely shocked! I mean I just got engaged to the love of my life! At this point I just couldn't stop starring at my gorgeous diamond ring – it was perfect! A Platinum princess cut diamond with a diamond set band (this photo does not do it any justice).

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