Affordable and effective Daily facial routine

October 02, 2015
We love a beauty product here at PEA and we all have those staple products that we swear by, and when it comes to daily facial routines, mine has been set in stone for quite some time.
Here are my daily products I use that are simple and effective:

STEP 1 – Nivea cleansing wipes

Even though I wouldn’t consider myself having sensitive skin, I use the sensitive wipes because they are extremely soft, especially on the eyes. I use them for removing make-up and a general fresh up morning or night. I’m lazy with my routine so always opt for something quick. I’ve used a lot of wipes over the years – these are by far my favourite!

STEP 2 – Clinique liquid facial soap

I use this face wash in the shower and it never fails. It’s soft and foams well with water, and sensitive with the eyes. It leaves my face feeling clean and fresh and my face knows it if I don’t use it. 

STEP 3 – Clinique Step 2 clarifying lotion

This toner is great for my breakouts (we all get them) and an oily T-Zone. It gives a nice cooling finish without being abrasive. 

STEP 4: E45 moisturiser cream

This is my ‘all rounder’ multi-purpose MUST HAVE. I have been using E45 cream for a very long time. I use it for sun burns, dry patches, and an all over body cream, including my face. I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying out new face creams in hope that I will find that one miracle cream that moisturisers, reduce wrinkles and improves complexion. Does it really exist or are we all wooed into the branding, labels and girly scents? I would love to be proven wrong but all the creams I’ve used in the past did not give me any better results than E45 cream. Its compatible with all skin types and purse friendly (win win).

Sharlene x

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  1. That's a great tip on the E45 moisturiser for the face! I actually never would of thought of that!

    Jess @ JuicyyyJesss*


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