My £28 haircut - Standby appointments at Headmasters

September 29, 2015

 We do love a good bargain and saving our pennies where we can. That's why I go to Headmasters for a standby appointment for a trim and blow dry. Standby appointments are made on the day of booking or after 3pm for the next morning and costs £28 for a cut and blow-dry (£20 for men). Living in London its hard to get just a blow dry for £20 so for a cut as well for £28 this is a bargain that needs to be shouted about.

The deal is you can’t pick the hairdresser and it can range from a junior stylist to a Director. Whether you want a quick trim or a complete re-style; a straight and sleek blow-dry or bouncy waves (my personal fav!) it's your choice, all for just £28.

Every time I’ve booked a standby appointment (and I've had a few at different branches around London), I’ve always managed to book an appointment for the day and time I want it. With 48 salons in London and greater London, theres a huge selection and other great offers, it's a win win for me at Headmasters.

Find your nearest branch here and book your appointment today

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