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September 08, 2015
As a wedding gift we put together a Patchwork and asked friends and family to contribute to a trip to Disneyland Paris.

We were so fortunate to receive enough to cover a 3 night B&B trip away including transport and a special dinner. Neither Dave or I had ever been to Disneyland and my inner child has been desperate to visit since it first opened; a lifetime of waiting. Just the thought of being there made my eyes prick.

So instead of a honeymoon we opted for a familymoon and it was a perfect for us.

Disneyland conquered and we can't wait to return. Below are some of our fav snaps and little tips we learnt along the way.

We found Pluto over by Frontier Land he was tucked away just by the Haunted Mansion and as luck would have it...only 6 people in the queue!

We bought the girls dinner with the Disney Princesses, honestly it was worth every penny for 2 reasons - We spent 2 hours with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel! Plus the food was good and a welcomed change from the overcrowded fast food options. We had our own space and 3 courses! Each princess came over and had a good old chat with the girls and words couldn't describe the look on their faces. Magic!

TOP 3 Rides | Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, we went on it loads, queue time was usually quite short and it was open with the Magic Passes.  Pirates of the Caribbean, the queue was never long for this as you can see we were the only ones in the boat at one point. The girls loved this ride especially Emily aged 3! Ratatouille: The Adventure this was a sensory delight, the queue was long although there are Fast Pass tickets available - it's great that these are free - get your ticket come back at the allocated time. Fab ride.

At one point it was raining pretty hard so we joined the 40 minute queue to see Mickey Mouse. All indoors with a cinema waiting line, we were warm, dry and entertained - of course it was worth the wait.


We had a wedding to remember and an epic 4 days in Disneyland Paris. Happy Days!

Keep an eye out in our travel section as we'll be putting together some travel tips and suggestions. Have you got a honeymoon you want to share, what did you get up too? We love reading your stories and perhaps we'll share it on our blog too, just get in touch.

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