My stylish naked wedding cake

August 25, 2015
Ever since I was introduced to Pinterest and started my Wedding planning I knew I wanted a naked wedding cake. They have become very popular over the last year or so, ever since the 'rustic' theme became everyones dream wedding. I think naked cakes look great in pictures, a fraction of the price compared to traditional cakes, and lets face it, everyone loves victorian sponge you just know it will get eaten, unlike a dry fruit cake!
I had doubts having an un-iced wedding cake, I wanted it fresh so I thought it needed to be made last minute, but also made me nervous leaving it too late (what if something went wrong?) someone also told me that Victorian Sponge cakes flatten throughout the day, so by the time you come to cutting your cake, it will look flat. I have to be honest, this never happened to me. I had my dream wedding cake(s) thanks to my beautiful Nan, they were absolutely delicious, they stayed fresh all day, they didn't droop or flatten (and my venue was very hot), and they looked absolutely stunning in my opinion! She made my cakes months in advance and froze them in the freezer, my Nan took them out the day before and took them to the venue the morning of the venue, they were so fresh! I had Victoria sponge cakes, a carrot cake, and loads of cupcakes (Chocolate, vanilla and lemon cupcakes) I decorated them with gypsophila and logs for stands for the ultimate rustic display.

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  1. I've never had a naked cake, but I usually use the recipe for victorian sponge cake to make cakes that I later cover with fondant, and because they are more "spongy" they do tend to tilt a little to one side, or flatten (but it's not noticeable).
    If you wanna go with a naked cake, I would go for a more "sturdy" kind of cake, if you know what I mean...


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