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July 21, 2015
8 weeks ago I would've told you:  I have very sensitive combination skin and it's a bit of drain on the self-esteem.  Some day’s make-up makes the skin look worse, I struggle to find anything to clean well without drying my skin or causing irritation. It's actually really demoralising and I can't wear my face with confidence. I've tried high end, mid-range and basic ranges, I've tried NHS recommendations and yes, some have worked but not consistently and reliably.

I'd been exploring the natural side of beauty, Manuka honey & rice water both of which were good and had no detrimental after-effect on my skin. I'd heard about Liz Earle and following the natural trend decided to give it a whirl and put my faith in a company that uses naturally active ingredients. I ordered their infamous Cleanse & Polish with muslin cloths.

After the first wash, my face felt good and bright. It wasn't a miracle but I didn't experience and after tingling or drying. The dense creamy texture isn't something I've tried before; I've used lotion consistency or water. It felt indulgent and the scent reminded me of care free health spa days at the gym. I moisturised afterwards with a pea sized amount because my skin didn't feel like it required any more.

After 3-4 days of using this day and night I noticed an improvement in between blemishes and bumps. The skin look clearer and smoother and the intensity was beginning to reduce.

6 days in and the sensitivity in my face was reducing, I could put on my foundation without any sensitive reaction.

1-3 weeks the bumps became more localised and prominent but the skin surrounding was greatly improved, I believe my skin was purging here.

3 weeks  sensitivity has practically gone, I no longer have flaking dry patches, my make applies well and I notice the need for high coverage reducing

4 weeks my oil production increases and I'm getting spots in places I didn't get before and although the skin feels clean, it was a bit annoying. I go to the Liz Earle counter in my local John Lewis and seek advice. I'm reluctant to use another a product but I am recommended the light Skin Repair for combination/oily skin - I didn't purchase on this occasion. We speak about natural products and she mentions Rosehip Oil. I pop to Holland & Barrett and buy rose hip oil (post about this coming soon, consider subscribing so you don't miss out).

Using both products I feel an increase of confidence wearing the skin on my face. I don't feel the need to cover up with makeup.

Week 8 - I've run out and I will repurchase. 

- Sensitivity greatly reduced.
- Skin feels and looks cleaner
- Health of skin feels & look improved

- Increased oil production -  I'm not sure if the cleanser is to blame although it must be a contributor but then I do think that my skin has balanced and maintaining extra oil is easier than sensitivity so I’ll take it.

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