Beautiful bridesmaid dresses for a practical budget

July 28, 2015

Bridesmaid dresses is one of the areas where I had a very strict budget as I had 11 bridesmaids in total. In all honestly, I didn’t really want to spend more than £30 per dress because I had so many. I managed to keep it within budget, and if I must say so myself, I think my Bridesmaids looked gorgeous! I didn’t want the typical formal bridesmaid dress, and I didn’t have a specific colour scheme I was following when searching for the dresses. I didn’t want the girls in all the same dresses either which made it easier. The high street is excellent for affordable bridal wear, you just run the risk of someone else from your party wearing the same attire. 

I had 2 adult bridesmaids which they wore an ivory A-line dress from Dorothy Perkins I got these in the half-price sale for £17 each. 

For the teenager bridesmaids (aged 15-17) I found a lovely navy dress from ASOS  These were slightly more in price at £50 each but I saved on the others. These looked great and a dress they would clearly wear again at a party. 
Psst - still currently at ASOS in the sale for £15, shop here

But my big steal buy was my younger bridesmaid dresses which I found on Etsy They were a risk because the supplier was from China and I’ve heard stories before that cheap dresses brought from China can arrive late, faulty or even wrong colour. But I can honestly say that communication was excellent, delivery was quick, and more importantly the dresses were stunning, and costed a mere £25 per dress. 

I found Pashminas on Ebay which I brought as a cover up for the girls. They were £1.99 each. No thrills but they were a great colour match to the dresses and did the job. The little ones had a Navy cardigan from Matalan. I thought they looked great together.

In total I spent just over £350 on 11 bridemaids, and they all looked amazing! You really don't have to spend much to achieve what you want. Keep an eye out on bargains, sign-up to newsletters for online stores. And do try your luck on the high-street as you can find some amazing bargains. If you find a nice cheap dress but you think it doesn't look like a bridesmaid dress, remember you can always add a personal touch, like adding a sash/ribbon around the waist, or adding an underskirt. 

My top 5 High street shops for bridesmaid dresses:
1. Dorothy Perkins
2. Next
3. Debenhams
4. Monsoon
5. New Look

My top 5 online shops for bridesmaid dresses:
2. Chi Chi clothing
3. Boohoo
4. Etsy
5. Very


  1. This is so helpful! I don't have the biggest budget for my bridesmaids and it's one thing which I'm actually sort of dreading having to find. Seeing that you did 11 bridesmaids for that amount has reassured me massively! xx

    1. Good luck with your search, would love to see photos : )

    2. Thanks :) there will definitely be a bridal party trip to Oxford Street once the summer colours are back in next year! xx


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