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June 09, 2015

Back in February I had the privilege in being bridesmaid for my good friend Carla and the best thing about it was that it was in Mexico! It was beautiful. The backdrop was stunning, the sun was shining and the cocktails were flowing.

Why Mexico?
Well for them they went to Cancun for a holiday a few years back and that's where they got engaged. He got down on one knee overlooking the ocean at sunset, on Christmas day! What a guy! So they wanted to return to the scene of the romantic crime and officially tie the knot.

It was a beautiful day. Simple, elegant and intimate.

The good thing about getting married abroad is that you really get the ultimate backdrop for the photos. Guests get excited as it's a holiday with with an extra special day thrown in. It makes incredible memories. Despite having heavy costs for travel, accommodation and restrictions especially if you opt for a package deal, its completely worth it! Plus who wouldn't want a brilliant summers day.....in February!?

Enough said from me.....I'll leave you to swoon over some beautiful photos of the day. Enjoy folks!

Have you been to an overseas wedding or currently planning an overseas wedding? Tell us all about it, what you found hard, easy or if you've any great tips for other couples wanting to get married abroad. 

Got something you want to submit we'd love to see your photos. 
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