Preserving your wedding bouquet

June 23, 2015

I completely splurged on my flowers at my wedding. They cost me a fortune but they looked stunning and I wouldn't of wanted it any other way. I just wished I was able to keep them forever, because they were gorgeous! I went straight on my Honeymoon after my wedding so my Mum was kind enough to sort everything out after the big day. Including the flowers. She gave most of my flowers away to friends and family and keeping some for herself. The first thing I asked when I got back from my honeymoon (3 weeks later) is what happened to my bouquet. She told me that it died so she had to throw it away! I was gutted.  Little did I know that she had it preserved for me and presented it to me on my birthday (3 months later). It was absolutely beautiful and the best gift ever. Now I do get to keep it forever.

This was made from a company called Everbloom based in Norfolk. They specialise in preserving flowers but comes beautifully mounted in a frame of your choice. They do not press them so they are 3D. I think its such a great keep sake from the wedding and was the best gift ever. The fresher the flowers the better they keep so if you are thinking of getting yours preserved, make sure they are fresh. They come in arrange of sizes and the prices are on the website. It takes a good few weeks so plan in advance. 
My wedding bouquet now takes pride above my bed in the bedroom.

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