Wedding favours: Fortune cookies recipe

June 02, 2015
We made fortune cookies for our wedding favours, they doubled as great conversation starters too. These are so simple to make and great for dinner parties, birthday parties, weddings or just for fun.

We found a recipe online and then spent some time perfecting and adapting it; a little mixture goes a long way and gives the extra crunch too. 

At the end of the post you'll find a free printable of messages #helpful


---Preheat your oven to 200°c ---

2 x egg whites

70g of plain flour
70g of caster sugar
1tsp of vanilla extract/flavouring
1tsp of almond extract
silicone baking sheet/ baking paper

2. Add the sifted flour, sugar, vanilla and almond and then gently mix to make a thin batter

3. Spread thinly on baking silicone sheet, you want to make 2 circles around 4-5 inches in diameter

4. Place in the oven and keep an eye on them, around 3-4 minutes ours started to turn brown around the edges.

5. Remove from the oven and for the next steps you'll need to act fast. (this can be tricky so we've included a how to video on our YouTube channel #useful)

6. Using a spatula gently lift the cookie
7. Fold the circle in half (it's hot!)

8. Form a crease using the edge of a bowl or mug, it sets pretty quickly as it cools. We used the broken ones as good crunch tests. 

9. Place it in a pastry cutter (or similar) so that it keep its shape whilst it cools *top tip*

The finished fortune cookie. It's simple enough to tuck the fortune message inside

We used cake pop bags to wrap the cookies in and tied with ribbon. We made our cookies 3 days before the wedding and they were still perfectly crunchy on the day. Below are some snaps from the day.


For ease we've put together a free printable with a mixture of fortunes and conversation starters


--- if you have any good ones leave a comment below and if we love them we'll include them too --.


  1. This is such a cool idea!!! I really want to try this, even if just for a game night or something, you did a great job!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Hey, thanks! They are so easy - we show you how in the video ;) A game night or dinner party would be reason to do these. Thanks for stopping by !

  2. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I definitely want to find a fun excuse to make these. Thanks so much for linking up this week - I can't wait to follow along with you :)

    1. Hey Meg, thanks for stopping by :) If you do make them let me know.

  3. Seriously, such a great idea and probably saved you a lot of money too! Love this!


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