DIY Wedding favours - Miniature alcohol bottles

June 16, 2015
For our wedding favours we decided to make our own miniature bottles of alcohol. If you have boozy friends and family that like to drink, then these will not disappoint. You can make them with any spirit of choice but we used Ouzo because of our Greek/English theme. I found a company that printed our labels, their website has a really easy online design platform - and they were super helpful. 

We had around 124 all day guests so making these favours turned out to be really cost effective. I also made tags for each bottle so they doubled up a name tags. They looked really great on our tables.


  • Take the caps off the bottles and pour 50ml of your alcohol into your jigger (make sure it's 50ml)
  • Place your funnel over a bottle and pour in your shot
  • Repeat until all bottles are filled
  • Place the caps back on and wash the bottles with a cloth so they are not sticky, just in case you had any spillages
  • Carefully line up and stick your labels on (once stuck down you can't peel off again so make sure you put them on straight)


I designed these myself through dignite. They have templates for you to use or you can design them yourself and send them your artwork.

I used the Ouzo branded label on our labels so guests knew what the drink was, but you don't have to do this, you can keep an element of surprise for your guests. I just googled '12 ouzo' and used an high-res image that came up in images. I added our names and date at the bottom for a personalised touch, it also ended up being a great little keepsake! These are vinyl stickers, custom shape 3.7 x 6.4 cm, Matt and supplied on sheets. They were £31.68 for 120.


I brought some good quality paper and printed my labels from home. I used an A4 template in microsoft word and created a grid with squares. Each square is one name tag. Go through your guest list and type out your guest names and table number in your chosen font. Then print out on your quality paper and cut along your grid. I punched a hole in the top left corner with a hole puncher and tied to my bottle with a piece of ivory ribbon.

Don't fancy alcohol for wedding favours? Then check out these DIY fortune cookie wedding favours. These are awesome and you can personalise your own fortunes for your guests.


  1. Love love love this idea!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi
    Love this idea as we aregetting married in Greece and a reception in the Uk, Can I ask did you use these for both male and female guests??

  3. Hi,
    I love this and am doing a similar favor for my wedding. I ordered the tiny bottles online and am just wondering if you washed them out before filling them with the ouzo, or since its alcohol, thought it was good to go.

    1. I didn't wash them out, ouzo is quite strong

  4. Yes both male and female, the kids had chocolate.


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