DIY Wedding favours - Miniature alcohol bottles

June 16, 2015
For my wedding favours I decided to opt for everyone's favourite, alcohol!! These went down very well at my wedding! I'm glad we made surplus. It was super easy and in my opinion, cost effective and went a long way.
You can do these with any spirit but we decided to have Ouzo as my husband is Greek. Ouzo is great though because you can down it as a shot, or you can sip it over ice. I personalised the labels and they also doubled up as our name tags.......I'll show you how.

I brought these bottles from Ebay but the supplier has their own website called Sen5es, they have a great variety. These are 5cl miniature glass spirit bottles with screw cap. They were £35.38 for 125.
I brought a small funnel (again mine was from Ebay but I have seen them in many department stores) and filled my choice of alcohol to the top of the narrow neck of the bottle. Fill the bottles before sticking your labels on, if there are any spillages they will become sticky.

I designed and printed these through a company called dignite. They were really helpful and easy to use. They have templates for you to use, or you can design them yourself and send over your artwork. I decided to use the Ouzo logo so our guests knew what it was, you don't have to do this. I just googled 12 ouzo and used a high-res image I found. I added our names and date on the bottom to personalise and a great keep sake after. I designed these in Indesign and I have a friend who is an artwork to align it for me. If you don't know how to do this or don't have Indesign, you can design online through their website, it's great! These are vinyl stickers, custom shape 3.7 x 6.4 cm, Matt and supplied on sheets. They were £31.68 for 120.

Once your bottles are full stick on your labels.....easy peesy! 

The beauty about these bottles is that I doubled them up as my name tags. So cheap but they looked great on my tables. I bought some good quality paper, selected my fonts and printed from home. I cut them out into squares and punched a hole in the top left hand corner and tied them to my bottles with ivory ribbon.


  1. Love love love this idea!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi
    Love this idea as we aregetting married in Greece and a reception in the Uk, Can I ask did you use these for both male and female guests??

  3. Hi,
    I love this and am doing a similar favor for my wedding. I ordered the tiny bottles online and am just wondering if you washed them out before filling them with the ouzo, or since its alcohol, thought it was good to go.

    1. I didn't wash them out, ouzo is quite strong

  4. Yes both male and female, the kids had chocolate.


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