The Wedding DVD Album - Joab Smith Photography

November 20, 2014

The wedding photos arrived exactly 3 weeks into married life, really early about 8am. We were so excited to open them. Our photographer was Joab Smith and we both highly recommend him. The feedback we've received from the guests was spot on...
"He felt like a part of the wedding party and yet at the same time you didn't know he was there" - Faye
"He was so enthusiastic and positive, energetic too even right until the end - he worked so hard for you guys the photos will be amazing" - Chris 
"Your photographer Joab was brilliant, he was completely unobtrusive and gentle in his approach. Even what he wore was considerate he just melted into the background. I usually feel uncomfortable around photographers but he made the whole thing so relaxed. I can see exactly why you chose him, it was for so much more that the outcome and undoubtedly they will be just beautiful" - Tania
"Oh yeah, this guy was fantastic! He was so on it all the time yet not intrusive in anyway I would certainly recommend him, he's great - you guys are so lucky" - Ben

I remember us taking the time to properly thank Joab before he left, ok he was there to do a job but it felt so much more than that to both of us. Over the past 10/11 months he really has taken the time to listen and understand what it was I was looking for in a wedding photographer. From the preshoot to the final printed album (which we're in process of) he has been fantastic - to reiterate a quote I read on his website - it really did feel like having a friend at our wedding

And as if it he hadn't already exceeded our expectations, he wrote a little note in our album 

It was such a nice touch and made the experience of viewing the DVD feel a little bit extra special!

So where are the photos?? Well they deserve a post all of their own....coming soon!


  1. Oooooo I want to see more!! Can't wait to see some of his pictures of your special day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, they will be up soon I promise :)

  2. I love looking at wedding photo's and I can't wait to see!


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