My wedding day makeup drama

November 20, 2014
I hadn't shed a tear over my wedding until 10:30am the day before.

Two months previous I had a makeup trial with Smashbox and purchased their Photo Finish primer. Armed with my makeup chart I booked my appointment for wedding day morning.

Friday morning (the day before the wedding,) I had a gut-wrenching urge to double check that everything was ok with my appointment, I’m certain it was as I watched her write it in the diary. Although I put it down to pre-wedding jitters I had to relieve the ever building anxiety and popped into Boots. I am SO glad that I did! My appointment was missing, no name, no time, wedding makeup! Dosed up on Lemsip, feeling rotten, bare-faced I stood in front of perfectly presented girls and my eyes leaked, I couldn't stop the tears.

After the manager told me as I had no proof of the appointment they weren’t liable. My voice wobbled, I whispered with a cold-ridden squeak "I wouldn't make it up, it's my wedding day tomorrow, this was booked over 2 months ago, I watched her write it in". Unfortunately, because it was an 8am appointment on a Saturday no-one was available to stand in. Kindly, a lady working on the Dior counter offered to help.

I headed over puffy eyed, pinkish, feeling completely ridiculous and hoping I wasn’t being tarnished with the Bridezilla brush and sat down. The girls were really lovely, I had a full trial and left feeling hopeful that when I arrived at 8am Saturday morning that all would be well.

Thankfully, it was!

I purchased a lipstick and fabulous Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara. I didn’t opt for the waterproof version and the mascara stayed put all day despite the emotional exchanging of vows. It really was worth every penny and highly recommended!

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