Makeup Drama - wedding day

November 20, 2014

I hadn't shed a tear over the wedding until 10:30am the day before the wedding. I had previously had a makeup trial with Smashbox and purchased their Photo Finish primer, I had my makeup chart and appointment booked in. I wasn't going to double check (because I saw her write it in the diary) but that gut instinct, sometimes mistaken for unnecessary anxiety said "Just pop in and see".

AND I am sooo glad I did! Smashbox girls weren't in that day, so a lovely girl called Olivia from Benefit checked the diary, no name, no appointment, NO WEDDING MAKEUP!

The manager, to cut a long story short, basically insinuated that without any proof they weren't in the wrong. Dosed up on Lemsip, feeling rotten, no makeup on, standing in front of perfectly presented girls, my eyes leaked and I couldn't stopped the tears. My voice wobbled and I whispered in a half squeak "I wouldn't make it up, it's my wedding day tomorrow, this was booked over 2 months ago, I watched her write it in" - well you'd think no bother someone else could do it tomorrow. The trouble? The appointment was 8am on a Saturday. The only person available was a girl at Dior.

I headed over puffy eyed, pinkish skin, feeling ridiculous and expecting them to all tarnish me with the Bridezilla brush but they were really nice. I had a full trial and hoped that tomorrow at 8am all would be well.

And it was and that's me having my wedding makeup applied the morning of my wedding. Feeling quite sick with nerves.

I ended up going mainly Dior for my wedding day and I must say I love their mascara!!

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl  - we didn't use the waterproof version and the mascara stayed put all day, even through the emotional tears during the vows. I've never spent much on mascara before but at £24.50 in Boots (Oct 2014) it really was worth every penny. a great gift for Christmas and a wedding day must!

More on the full wedding makeup selection soon....


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