DIY Bridesmaid letters

July 12, 2014
When it came to choosing my bridesmaids, I was certain that I was having my two best friends and my two nieces. I asked them in the old fashion way by picking up the phone, or catching up and asking over coffee. But I was in two minds to ask my cousins, just simply for the fact that there are so many of them. But thinking long and hard about it, they are just too beautiful not to have down the aisle with me. 
To ask the little ones I wanted to do something special, something personal, and to make them feel special. So I made little poem cards that I sent out in the post. It cost virtually nothing, and thought was a very cute touch. I played around with some fonts, got some inspiration for poems from my good friend google and went out and brought some textured card and printed from home. They turned out nice for a quick DIY job.....

 I'm so glad I asked them because now I have an entourage of 11 beautiful girls, and the most adorable picture from one of my cousins that made it onto the kitchen fridge.

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  1. This is so cute! We are just getting started with the wedding preparations haven’t yet decided which one of the LA event venues we’ll go with. I have my best man picked, and this looks like something I should try. Adorable sketches at the end. Future artists at work!


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