DIY wedding invites are a headache! #fail

June 03, 2014
Ok so I am a perfectionist.

The smallest error plagues my thoughts, the feeling of failure lingers long after I've corrected the error. I have spent countless hours on our wedding invites. Alignment - check, Typos - check, Numbers, postcodes, times - check.

#fail No 1. I sent the files to the printers, the printer sliced off some of font on the right edge. I had to resize them and then convert to .pdf. A test copy was printed, perfecto, the fitted!

#fail No 2 - Run a batch, the whole batch. Only problem was I miscalculated the amount and in error twice the amount were printed.

#fail No 3 - as I had already typo checked I didn't bother looking at them again, so I invited my friend over and she whipped out the sewing machine and began sewing 39 invites together. Two days later, I was admiring my work and bam!


I am so so so lucky I only superglued one invite or I seriously would have wasted a lot of time and money

So I sulked, got out the stitch unpicker and unpicked 39 wedding invites, mentally cursing myself every step of the way. 4 days later the new batch have arrived, typo free.

And this morning, well I've been printing envelopes - only making 3 mistakes Arrrghh! I'll be glad to send these invites out and get them gone.

Thursday my friend is coming back over and hopefully that will be the end of it. All that's left to do is super-gluing my fingers together.

When I'm over the irritation of these wedding invites, I'll post up a 'How I did it'


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