The handmade wedding invites

May 23, 2014
We are sending out the wedding invitations next week. I actually feel excited, like opening the first advent door of December.

It's an excitement that's taken me by surprise. I guess there's a reason weddings are up there as a stressful life events- it's been one emotional rollercoaster.

But the invites signify everything coming together.

Months & months ago I began designing these babies. I remember feeling stressed about colours, bridesmaid dresses, venue - Everything, in my mind played a roll with the invites. 

I had to carefully choose which fonts, know all the details, wait for the food tasting, arrange timings with band and venue, sort the gift list etc etc.

So as I write the groom is on his way home with the invites safely tucked away from the rain. 

I hope I don't notice a typo or alignment issues. Tip-ex will not be cool.  - *anxiety alert* - I must have a word with myself after all in a worst case scenario I've wasted a small amount of money, some trees, and time...

They are gonna kind of look like this - cheque book style

Oh he's just arrived - exciting!!

Have a great bank holiday weekend all and I'll be posting more details about these invites when they are sewn together (yes a sewing machine is required)

Karis x 

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  1. Aww! Congratulations! Your invites are really cute. I hope your having a great Friday.


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