Rain on your Wedding Day

April 30, 2014
I don't want it to rain. It's likely to rain - it's England, but really what if it rained?

When deciding upon my wedding photographer I noticed he had a reassuring page on his website What if it rains on your wedding day? 

It poured on my sister's wedding day, just as we were taking group shots at the Church the heavens opened - middle of July too! This didn't bode well for the party, a marquee in a field.  The rain & soon to be mud got guests a little annoyed, most are noticeably drenched in the photos too. Still the bride had a good time. We did ask her what would she do if it rained (she had outdoor seating, bouncy castle &  hog roast) - she didn't make a plan B because she was sure it wouldn't rain. 

At our recent engagement shoot the topic of rain came up.

We plan to have our photos in one of the Royal Parks. He assured us it would be fine if it rained & then showed us a recent wedding he'd shot at South Farm in Cambridgeshire.

Joab Smith Photography

So after seeing this, I really wouldn't mind if it rained on our day - it looks amazing in black & white too. I'll be adding this to my other favourite wedding photos he's taken.

Are you hoping for a dry wedding day?

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