Our Wedding Preshoot with Joab Smith Photography

April 17, 2014
On Sunday 13th April we met Joab our Wedding Photographer in Bushy Park near Hampton Court Palace.

I'm pretty sure if you're a regular visitor to the blog you know all about my photographer & how important it was for me to get it right! (see my favourites selection of his photos here)

The weather was amazing for our shoot. We sat for about an hour in the Cafe chatting about the plans for the wedding day & the timings of various things. We discussed the kind of photos we'd like and it was a relief to be on same page straight away.

I saw a brand new album and felt slightly hesitant -what if I changed my mind and didn't like it?- well that anxious thought needn't have stayed because of course I loved the album, in particular a rain shot (I can't share it yet but as soon as I'm allowed I will, promise).

So anyway the first hour confirmed everything I already knew, I had found that needle in the haystack - the perfect wedding photographer for us (well me). The photos aren't as important to Dave as they are me - he's the music man.

I surprised myself because actually I felt really nervous. I had told him in emails that Dave was the rigid one in front of the camera. I found it quite difficult to relax but I think I got there eventually. Joab was great though, he was off doing his thing completely unobtrusively. Our friends have commented on the album about this. He had enough time to come and look at the wedding venue & the Church too. The day was so easy - I remembered the feedback I'd read about him
'... it felt like having a friend at our wedding as a guest rather than a formal photographer.' - Vanessa
I can see why Vanessa would write that feedback - I think I'd feel the same.

Anyway I already have our Preshoot Album back! Impressive considering he's a busy guy. Below are a few of the ones we like.

 If you don't have your photographer yet then have a look at Joab Smith Photography

I'm excited to see our wedding album.

Thank you Joab!!


  1. Beautiful pictures :) #loudnproud

  2. Gorgeous pictures, glad you've found the perfect photographer for you :) #loudnproud


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